Brew that Coffee!

Like many people, I’ve been struggling with direction. With schedules arranged and then rearranged and then adjusted again, it’s thrown a lot of uncertainties into the mix. Just as I was building momentum (pre-Quarantine), a lot of my book talks for Becoming American had to be postponed.

Just when I started getting rolling with virtual Zoom talks, libraries shifted their focus to a specific genre of books that didn’t necessarily include mine. Libraries whom I thought would be supportive haven’t returned e-mails. Other libraries have gone above and beyond in their outreach to patrons by connecting with them through live author talks and book clubs and have been nothing short of AMAZING.

So, as I was talking (okay, venting) to Freddy the other day, he asked me how long I’ve been letting the coffee percolate.


How long have I been heating and reheating the same pot of coffee? Would I rather have reheated (several times) coffee or fresh coffee?


Sometimes you just have to start brewing a new pot of coffee. Period.

It doesn’t mean to stop connecting with virtual book clubs or following up with the ones in queue, but meanwhile, start a fresh pot of coffee. In other words, do what inspires me most and work on my new manuscript.


I love connecting with others and love marketing, but in the end, the best part of the writing process is…..THE WRITING part! So, here I am, researching and writing for a new Young Adult Historical Fiction, completely separate and different from the first and I am feeling inspired and hopeful again.

I can’t control what people are reading or aren’t reading.

I CAN control how I spend my time and invest in my skill set. I CAN control getting on author zooms to better my craft…they have been awesome and so helpful in how I structure my writing. I CAN control building the bridge one brick at a time from where I am to where I want to go, with consistency and staying the course through the thick of uncertain times.

So, here I am, brewing a fresh pot of percolating coffee as the anticipation of drinking it sets in and reminds me of why I started writing in the first place. I am choosing to see the roadblocks as a blessing to make me work harder in overcoming them.

To show that anyone can successfully pursue and accomplish a dream even if it’s through a book that didn’t come from a huge publishing house, with a large marketing department.

After all, I’ve always loved underdog stories.