Monthly Archives: April 2019

The Power of a Book

When was the last time you read a book that changed your perspective? Changed the world? Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written in response to the atrocities of slavery as a way to show the brutality of how slaves were treated. What began as an essay, turned into a novel that sold millions of books throughout the world, changing many views and fueling the abolitionist movement, laying the groundwork for the Civil War. Read The Jungle and your eyes will be opened to the harsh conditions of immigrants in industrialized cities (and you’ll probably also never eat a hot dog again).

The most powerful book I read recently was “Same Kind of Different as Me,” and was highly recommended by a friend. It shows extremely different points of view in regard to homelessness and within a few paragraphs, will have you sympathizing with a man you’ve never met. Only using words. Read it! I promise it’s worth your time.

All of these books and so many more, started as a seed. An idea. A hope to make the world a better place, even if it only reaches a few people who change their perspectives because of the words on the page. My hope is to bring to light the pages of history that have been buried and are much too important and pertinent to today’s culture to be forgotten. If you like to write, share your joy of it with the world! If you like to read, inspire others with your discoveries! You never know, after all, what seeds you are watering nor how quickly they will grow into tall, beautiful things that are too massive to overlook.